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Samuel Lee

Sam Lee serves as a Corporate Strategy Lead at Apree Health, a leading healthcare technology company. In his role, Sam is responsible for driving business development and market intelligence efforts to ensure the company’s continued growth and success. With his extensive experience in the healthcare industry and early-stage ventures, Sam brings a valuable perspective to the team.

Prior to joining Apree Health, Sam played a pivotal role at Yale New Haven Health’s Center for Health Care Innovation (CHI), where he actively supported the health system’s innovation initiatives. During his time there, Sam collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify and implement groundbreaking solutions that improved patient outcomes and enhanced the overall healthcare experience.

Furthermore, Sam also gained valuable experience at MATTER, a prominent innovation hub for health technology startups. As a member of the team, he successfully managed a diverse portfolio of health tech startups, providing guidance and support to help these companies navigate the complex healthcare landscape.


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