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Neal Soni

Neal Soni, a young entrepreneur, co-founded Prepared during his first year at Yale. Driven by a vision to revolutionize emergency response, Neal made the bold decision to drop out of college in his sophomore year and dedicate himself fully to the project. The core mission of Prepared is to rethink emergency response end-to-end, starting with the 911 call.

At the heart of Prepared’s innovative approach is its flagship software, Prepared Live. This cutting-edge software takes traditional audio-based 911 calls and elevates them to a whole new level by enabling live video communication. By providing real-time visual information to emergency responders, Prepared Live plays a vital role in saving lives. It is currently deployed in approximately 1000 counties, benefiting and protecting an impressive population of over 80 million people.

The remarkable success and potential of Prepared have not gone unnoticed. The company has secured significant funding, with a total of $30 million raised so far. In their most recent funding round, Prepared attracted the support of top-tier investors, including Andreessen Horowitz.


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