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Lindsay Greene

Lindsay Greene is a highly accomplished professional who currently holds the esteemed positions of president and CEO at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. With her extensive experience and expertise, Lindsay has made significant contributions to the field of economic development in New York City.

Before her current role, Lindsay served as the chief strategy officer at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, where she played a pivotal role in shaping strategic initiatives to promote economic growth and development. Prior to that, she had the privilege of working in the New York City mayor’s office, focusing on economic development and housing. Lindsay’s valuable insights and leadership were instrumental in driving positive change within the city.

Early in her career, Lindsay gained invaluable experience by working at food startups, where she had the opportunity to shape policy decisions that impacted the industry. Additionally, she honed her financial expertise during her time at Goldman Sachs, where she played a crucial role in financial decision-making processes.


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