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InnovateHealth Yale

InnovateHealth Yale (IHY) is a home for Yale community members interested in creating innovative solutions to challenges in public health and education — especially for underserved communities in the United States and low-resource countries. IHY aims to better the world through supporting programming and funding for innovations in public health and education.

Innovate Health Yale is committed to one concept: change. We are a home for those at Yale interested in creating innovative solutions to challenges in health and education. We train members of the greater Yale community to become change agents and catalyze interdisciplinary entrepreneurial efforts to address national and global health and education challenges by focusing on underserved communities in the US and low-resource countries.

To achieve these aims, Innovate Health Yale—based at the Yale School of Public Health—partners with leading organizations for innovation on campus to award prize funding and summer internships, develop programming, and connect hopeful entrepreneurs with mentors. We believe that social entrepreneurship can be taught and modeled, and the best students are those with a vision, a passion for change, and a willingness to encounter risk.


Happening April 4-5, 2024 at Hotel Marcel