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Arthur W. Thomas III

Mr. Arthur W. Thomas III earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University. After working in finance, he transitioned to investing in real estate and community development. In partnership with the City of Newark, Mr. Thomas focused on rehabilitating residential areas by constructing new multifamily residences.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas founded the Divine Grace Foundation, which aims to empower marginalized residents with educational resources, entrepreneurial support, financial literacy, healthcare, and workforce development skills. He and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Pierre Thomas, are active board members and are expanding these initiatives in Haiti and Nairobi.

Recently, Mr. Thomas graduated from Yale Divinity School with a master’s degree, enhancing his ability to evaluate community empowerment programs and build partnerships to reduce socioeconomic inequities. He is involved in various organizations, including CTNext, Community Health Network, and the Glendower Group CDC.

Currently, Mr. Thomas is the Director of Mission Investments and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. He leads the NHE3 initiative, a public-private partnership focused on building an equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Haven.

In his free time, Mr. Thomas enjoys traveling, shopping, socializing, learning about other cultures, reading, playing pool, dancing, and counseling others.


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