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Founder’s Burnout: Proven Strategies, Playbook and Insights

As co-founder and CEO of environmentally conscious shower startup, Nebia, Gabriel Parisi-Amon bravely challenges the myth of “the perfect startup founder.” He will take us on his journey through the stages of burnout he experienced in the early years of his startup, sharing how he’s emerged as a more self-aware and balanced leader. He will offer tips and exercises for identifying the symptoms of burnout, urging us to prevent the fire before we’re consumed.

Parisi-Amon has extensive entrepreneurial experience leading technology, product development, and operations. Before Nebia, he worked at Apple on the iPhone supply chain, developing suppliers, negotiating costs, and ensuring inventory. Gabriel received his BS and MS from Stanford, where he was a Mayfield Fellow, and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Happening April 4-5, 2024 at Hotel Marcel